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Government Information Summary by WikiGOV

GOV.UK is a UK government website that provides access to government services and information. It launched in 2012, replacing Directgov and Business Link online services, and as of 2023, it is the second-most used government website globally. GOV.UK has won several awards, including Design of the Year 2013 and a D&AD Black Pencil award. The site was created as a result of the Alphagov project, with the aim of improving the citizen experience of government web services and achieving yearly savings of £64 million. The GOV.UK Design System was introduced in 2018 to provide a centralized location for government departments to access styles, components, and patterns.


WikiGOV takes information from GOV.UK. It makes a "WikiGOV summary" like this one with key takeaways by using the ChatGPT. Then it gives detail from GOV.UK. The goal is to experiment with seeing how well ChatGPT can summarise information.  


This is not legal advice. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated. It is summarised using ChatGPT

Last updated on 02.02.23

Detailed Government Information (A-Z)

GOV.UK is the official government website for the United Kingdom that provides information and access to government services. The site's mission is to provide citizens with a simpler, clearer, and faster experience when searching for government information and services.

Popular Services

  • Check benefits and financial support

  • Help with energy bills

  • Finding a job

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and support

  • Universal Credit account sign-in


GOV.UK provides information and services in a wide range of topics, including:

  • Benefits

    • Eligibility

    • Appeals

    • Tax credits

    • Universal Credit

  • Births, deaths, marriages and care

    • Parenting

    • Civil partnerships

    • Divorce

    • Lasting Power of Attorney

  • Business and self-employed

    • Tools and guidance for businesses

  • Childcare and parenting

    • Giving birth

    • Fostering

    • Adopting

    • Benefits for children

    • Childcare

    • Schools

  • Citizenship and living in the UK

    • Voting

    • Community participation

    • Life in the UK

    • International projects

  • Cost of living support

    • Income and disability benefits

    • Bills

    • Childcare

    • Housing

    • Travel

  • Crime, justice, and the law

    • Legal processes

    • Courts

    • Police

  • Disabled people

    • Carers

    • Rights

    • Benefits

    • Equality Act

  • Driving and transport

    • Vehicle tax

    • MOT

    • Driving licenses

  • Education and learning

    • Student loans

    • Admissions

    • Apprenticeships

  • Employing people

    • Pay

    • Contracts

    • Hiring

    • Redundancies

  • Environment and countryside

    • Flooding

    • Recycling

    • Wildlife

  • Housing and local services

    • Owning or renting

    • Council services

  • Money and tax

    • Debt

    • Self Assessment

  • Passports, travel, and living abroad

    • Renewing passports

    • Travel advice by country

  • Visas and immigration

    • Visiting

    • Working

    • Studying

    • Settling

    • Seeking asylum

  • Working, jobs, and pensions

    • Holidays

    • Finding a job

    • Redundancy

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