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Researching how extended producer responsibility can help the UK move to a circular economy with the Department for the Environment

The work involves the user experience researhc of the front stage and backstage of a new digital service which will move the burden of funding for recycling from taxpayers to polluters known as the "polluter pays principle" in the Environemnt Act, 2021

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PhD Locational Decisions Under Uncertainty

The part-time PhD project investigates how insights from behavioural economics can be applied to the context of locational choices.

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Book Chapter - Place branding and locational decisions: Taking a behavioural economics perspective?

Places are perceived as being increasingly in competition for residents, visitors, inward investment etc. In this chapter, we consider the potential of the discipline of behavioural economics in explaining the locational choices made by individuals in response to the associated marketing/branding activities that are used to enhance the attractiveness of places by those responsible for their management. In examining the nature of peoples’ place choices, we focus particularly on the heuristics and biases - which can be thought of in terms of ‘cognitive shortcuts’ - that may influence decision-making processes. This is in contrast to neo-classical economists’ view of ‘homo economicus’, making optimally rational decisions which deliver maximum personal utility. We conclude by outlining a potential research agenda for further academic inquiry into locational decisions.

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